Value-Added Services (OI²)

The Value-Added Services module enables a substantial contract managment for third-party providers based on customer and product data.

Master data are imported from external systems (e.g. a card management system), processed and periodically (daily, weekly or monthly) transmitted to defined third-party providers (insurances, service providers, etc.).

According to the defined card products specified information is provided on contract level and all relevant contract changes are transferred (on a day-today or monthly basis) to a variety of third-party providers for further processing.

OI² offers the following functions:

  • Data import from external systems including automatic detection of changes and updating the database
  • Mapping of contractual relationships based on customer and product data
  • Maintenance of institutes
  • Maintenance of services
  • Maintenance of third-party providers
  • Set-up, maintenance and cancellation of contractual relationships based on the life cycle of credit cards
  • Creation and sending out of electronic contract information to third-party service providers
  • Logging of changes