Card Management System (PSX²)

PAYMENT-iT offers custom-made, modular solutions for the processing of debit, charge, credit, business, prepaid and bank cards.

Our wide-ranging software modules, which are supporting all areas of issuing processing – from a card application, embossing, daily clearing & settlement to monthly account statement – will support you to stay competitive and to increase your revenue. The scope and scalability of the PSX modules, short implementation time and our cost-efficiency will assit you to grow your business success.

Core components of the service package:

  • Charge, Debit and Prepaid cards
  • Business and private cards
  • Separation of card and account
  • MasterCard and VISA Clearing processing
  • Settlement & Reconciliation
  • Card Embossing
  • Event and transaction based pricing
  • Multi-client capability and multilingual access
  • Bonus programs

Our issuing processing solution consists of independent software modules enabling card issuer to build up their own card management system based on individual needs and requirements.


Modular solutions of a card management system
PSX² is a card management system includes more than 20 software modules (hexagons). PSX² offers all functionalities which are required for the issuing processing of credit cards and can be used as a stand-alone card management system or being an intergrated part of a banking systems.

The essential difference to existing card management systems is that it can be easily integrated into the core banking system without complex synchronization of databases between card management and bank system.

PSX² supplements your banking system with components required for linking up with the international payment schemas MasterCard and VISA.

For further information about PSX² refer to the website of our partner company: PAYWORLD-IT GmbH.